The market for biogas is expected to reach
$35 billion
in the next 5 years.
North American biogas potential is currently vastly under-utilized, with only 2,000 sites producing biogas, compared to over 10,000 sites in Europe. North America has substantial future potential in the renewable natural gas space, as biogas flaring is a significant source of GHG emissions, and an opportunity exists to capture and condition this valuable resource.
Each of these sites represent an opportunity to partner with a company to reduce their environmental impact with an economically viable solution. RNG has the potential to displace traditional fuel sources that are dependent upon risky foreign factors. For example, hundreds of fleets in North America use natural gas, each of which can be switched over to RNG. 
All organic waste contains energy.
Anaerobic digestion of waste at landfills or in digester plants produces energy-rich biogas.
RNG Fuel
Biogas upgrading removes carbon dioxide & impurities to make renewable natural gas (RNG).
Fuel Stations
RNG goes to on-site fueling stations, or by truck or pipeline to offsite pumps.
RNG works just like regular natural gas to power vehicles.